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Viktor Šekularac

Born in 1980 in Belgrade, currently lives and works in Paris. Studied photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.  In 1999 joins Otpor (resistance movement against Milošević’s regime) as a photographer and art director. From 2003 to 2006 works as a graphic designer and photographer for Remont Independent Artistic Association and Remont Art Magazine in Belgrade. In 2005 creator of the visual identity for the 46th October Salon in Belgrade, an annual art expo featuring local and international artists. In 2006 moves to New York City where he works as a photojournalist while at the same time creating photo-series of city landscapes, street life and underground music scene. In 2012 takes part in MultiMadeira Artist Residency in Funchal, Madeira Island in Portugal. In the same year works on Cuba series in La Havana. Since 2000 exhibits in galleries in ex-Yugoslavia, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK to US. His work has been published in different magazines, books, etc.


1999. Starts studying photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade.

1999. Begins working as a photographer and graphic designer for the students’ movement          

          Resistance / Otpor!

2000 Portraits for Resistance, Dom Omladine Gallery, Belgrade

2001. Justice, exhibition in the OEBS Head Office, Belgrade

2004. Air Struggle, Remont Gallery, Belgrade

2004. Fresh, selection of the best graphic designers within “BeogrAD” festival, New Moment Gallery, Belgrade

2005. Adrenaline, Design and Activism in Serbia, an exhibition following the promotion of a book on  

          politically engaged design “Graphic Agitation”

2005. Attitude, International festival of photography, experimental, short and documentary film

2005. Belgrade – Just Visiting, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland

2006. Grifon 2006, Graphic Collective Gallery, Belgrade

2007. O.S.C.E. Photo Award, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination, Belgrade

2007. Last Thing I Remember, Remont Gallery, Belgrade

2008. Critics Have Chosen, KCB,  Cultural Center of Belgrade.

2010. Artist is not present, Parobrod Gallery, Belgrade

2012. Traces, D.O.B, Belgrade

2012. EphemArt, Galerie 7, Paris

2013. MultiMadeira Artist Residency in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

2013. Aftermath, Changing Cultural Landscape Tendencies of engaged post-Yugoslav contemporary    

          photography Brighton, Zagreb, Luxembourg, Bratislava, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Vienna

2014. Galerie La Cave, Genève, Switzerland